For more than 30 years, the traditional process has been maintainedto obtain the exquisite flavor of real tequila.



The elaboration of the tequila begins with the plantation of the agave blue variety, Tequilana Weber, raw material from which the tequila arises. The agaves reach maturity approximately 5 years after being planted.

The Jima (harvesting)

This is the process by which "jimadores" cut the agave leaves with an instrument called "coa", following the same ancestral process that has been transmitted from parents to children through generations. Once the leaves have been cut, the "pineapple" of the agave is exposed and extracted from the soil.


Once the most suitable agave pinnables, they're cut and put into traditional masonry ovens. The pineapples are steamed slowly, in small amounts, for 79 hours. Steamed agave is sweet and rich.


The cooked agave pineapples are placed in mills specially made to extract the juice of the agave, including all the richness of its sugars. Agave 100% tequilas exclusively use Agave sugars and can not contain sugars of other types.


Natural sugars are converted into alcohols by the natural action of yeasts. At this stage the flavor and distinctive characteristics of tequila are defined. Fermentation is a process usually carried out between 24 and 72 hours.


A double distillation is the standar needed for tequila, in some cases a third distillation is required. In the first, tequila is obtained with an alcoholic graduation of about 20%, the second, commonly called rectification allows to achieve the desired alcoholic degree.


The tequila is stored in white american oak barrels so that it acquires the distinctive color and aromas of the wood, besides that they can improve in aroma, flavor and complexity as they mature. The barrels are placed in the cava, which protects them from external influences, providing darkness and a constant temperature for their preservation.

Proud Tequileros

Family that for generations have cultivated the agave in the region of Amatitán and for the pride that represents to contribute somehow to the Industry that par excellence distinguishes Mexico.