Xoloitzcuintle Tequila is a spirit that defines and represents Mexico in both its history and culture. The Xoloitzcuintle name is a combination of two Nahuatl words: Xolo the god of fire, and lighting and Itzcuintle the Nahuatl word for dog. The indigenous peoples believed that the Xolo would safeguard the home from evil spirits, as well as intruders. Xolos were often sacrificed by their owners to act as guides to the soul on its journey to the underworld/Mictlan. So, like the Xoloitzcuintle would guide the soul, this tequila will guide your spirit with a unique flavor profile that can only come from the highlands of Jalisco, and a bottle that is made in the heart of Mexico City where the Xolo is a "cultural heritage and symbol.” The bottle in its simplicity represents modern art,  and the agave fiber label keeps the culture and history alive. 


Xoloitzcuintle | show·low·itz-Qeent·ly (noun): Also known as Xolo, is one of many different breeds of hairless dogs native to Mexico and Central America. This beautiful breed of canine is culturally significant to Aztec History and mythology. These dogs were widely believed to be spirit guides for both the living and the dead, able to travel to and from the afterlife realm. Recently depicted in Disney's Coco, this iconic dog is not only known for its striking appearance, but for it's undying loyalty and intelligence.


Our one-of-kind tequila continues to have one foot in history and the other in the modern craft of tequila making. Xoloizcuintle Tequila is made in the world renowned highlands of Jalisco with only the best agaves from the region. Our tequila is high proof and uses minimal to no water to dilute the taste. resulting in a tequila that is strong and bold yet pleasant. Blanco is a silky texture, with a slight heat, toasted agave, peppery yet smooth with a buttery and smoky finish. Reposado, aged for a minimum of 3 months in American oak pipon barrels, continues with the silky texture and a strong citrus zest, vanilla, and fresh herbs finish brings out strong agave notes and a pepper finish. Anejo, aged for at least 18 months in American oak barrels that adds a strong character of oak, with vanilla and agave notes that you find in both taste and aroma. The finish is a slight pepper, with smoke that highlights with toasted agave notes coating the pallet. Extra Anejo, aged for 5 years in American Oak barrels, has a constant oak note, a vanilla taste and aroma, and dark berries with toasted agave notes that carry from start to finish.