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Gatsby's Ginger Liqueur

Gatsby's Ginger Liqueur

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76 proof



Made with the finest, fresh, cold-pressed organic Peruvian ginger from the heart of the Amazon basin in Peru, and balanced with fresh honey and a touch of cane sugar.


Gatsby's Ginger Liqueur delivers the rich, complex, and unexpected depths of flavor, spice and natural sweetness of organic Peruvian ginger that are a result of the perfect growing conditions, climate, intense sunshine, altitude, soil composition, and prolific balanced ecosystems that are uniquely found in the Junin valleys in the Amazon. 


Shake and serve on its own, hot or cold, decanted or by the bottle, in a sake cup, shot glass, or your favorite glassware; or crafted into your next favorite cocktail.


Gatsby's Ginger Liqueur pairs effortlessly with cuisines from around the world, especially sushi, and will enhance any fine dining experience or celebration.


No heat no pasteurization

Nothing artificial

76 proof.


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