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Jooicy Tits

Jooicy Tits Vodka

Jooicy Tits Vodka

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Jooicy Tits Vodka is a premium vodka brand on a mission. We party for a purpose and celebrate the good life and all of its small moments because at the end of the day..."Life is the Party"™ 


For every bottle of Jooicy Tits Vodka sold, a portion of proceeds goes to breast cancer charities doing amazing things. 


Our gluten-free, corn based vodka (made from non-GMO corn) is charcoal filtered 6X to produce a delicious, crisp and super smooth vodka. Made in sunny Florida, we bottle a continual summer state of mind to bring you a vodka that will remind you of warm weather and fun times all year long. "Life is the Party"™ with Jooicy Tits go enjoy it!

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